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Imagine you have a sickly elder or maybe even a child with chronic ill health, or perhaps you may reach for this product yourself as a quick booster.

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Very scary stuff!

It is time to put your thinking caps on. You can make such nutritious drinks in your blender with spinach, kale, bananas, apple slices, avocado, coconut milk, nuts, seeds, ground flax seed, or whatever you want to experiment with.

It’s so easy. If not sweet enough just add a little more banana. I like to freeze ripe bananas in chunks so my shakes will be thick and frosty. Or add a bit of real maple syrup or honey.

As long as you use fresh, whole, gluten-free ingredients your drink will be fine for those dealing with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. And if you have not discovered the root cause of your ailments/symptoms you might consider getting tested for gluten issues. Gluten, after all, is linked to over 300 symptoms, diseases, and associated conditions by thousands of studies from a round the world.