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Pilaf: A Christmas Holiday Must

Grannie Annie’s Gluten-free Pilaf

Being half Greek and married to an Armenian, pilaf is a huge holiday and everyday part of our meals. The grandkids love it, so I at least double the recipe and sometimes quadruple it. It quickly disappears and freezes well if there is any leftover.

The first time I tried making GF pilaf I never gave any thought to the fact that rice noodles cook a lot faster than the wheat based orzo or vermicelli that  I would normally add along with the broth. Unfortunately the noodles turned to mush, but we still demolished what was in the pot. Since then I add the rice noodles the last few minutes of cooking.

Recipe serves 8.

1 stick butter

2 cups rice (the kids like Uncle Ben’s long grain, but sometimes I use brown rice which needs more cooking time)

4 cups chicken broth or a bit less if you like it more firm (it’s best with homemade broth)

1 cup fine rice noodles broken in small pieces (noodles that look like spaghetti…long and straight are easier to break)

salt and pepper to taste

1/3 – 1/2 cup of currants and 3 – 4 shakes of allspice (optional)

Bring broth to a boil.

Brown rice noodles in ½ stick of butter, being careful not to burn.

Brown rice slightly in the other ½ stick of butter.

Add broth to rice and butter mixture.

Add salt and pepper, and optional currants and allspice…kids love it with currants.

Simmer covered for 20 minutes in all (if using Uncle Ben’s or adjust cooking time if using brown rice or some other; if using fine rice noodles add during last 3 minutes…or if using heavier rice noodles add during the last 5 minutes.

When done, fork up pilaf and enjoy!.